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Our approach is built on collaboration and communication with our clients. Here are the steps we follow to deliver high-quality results:

Initial discussion 

We start by having an informal conversation with our clients to understand their research needs and goals. This helps us determine the feasibility, most appropriate study design, and timelines.

Consultation and study plan 

Once we have a clear understanding of the project scope, we bring in our preclinical experts to work through your study plan, where we provide our insight. This step has been instrumental in delivering high quality data and our clients have identified this as hugely beneficial - See our testimonials


Study in-life phase

Following study/contract approvals and animal welfare approval, we execute the study plan by performing in-life activities, such as model-induction, dosing, sample collection, and imaging. We ensure you are updated throughout the life of the project so you can make fast decisions to sampling or future study modifications. 

Study end and reporting 

After the study is completed, we analyse the data and present your results to you with a quick turnaround to ensure you can make key decisions on your next steps without delay. to ensure you have the full study data package we generate a comprehensive report that includes study results, interpretation, and recommendations for further research. 





At MediNect Ophtho, we are committed to providing high-quality preclinical services that meet the needs of our clients.
Our collaborative approach ensures that we deliver results that are timely, accurate, and actionable.


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